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06-23-2012, 10:29 PM
Am encountering multiple "hangers" who are dead, but not gone...Also, there were multiple posters tonight, (Sat.23rd, approx 9:30pm est) And at least a couple dozen players hitting, and the board did not hold up well, freezing, jumping, and generally a pain. I consider the sanction board almost as important as the forum here, and wonder if it could be "tweeked" to work better. I will add more to this tomorrow, am whipped

06-24-2012, 07:35 AM
K, I'm back...Another thing, Is there any way to turn off the "You have crushed Weazeldik's army..." thing? It has pimped me out of half a dozen sanctions,As by the time I can post or bypass it, the person I am hitting is gone...

06-24-2012, 09:40 AM
We removed the fight won pop-up for when you attack for a sanction. You should see this live in a couple of days. Thank you for your suggestion.
Regarding the sanction board issues, we checked but didn't find any problems yet. We will still investigate and keep an eye on the sanctions board. Let us know if you find more details or if it happens again.

06-24-2012, 10:47 AM
We have just noticed some errors on the Sanctions Board, we are looking into this right now.

06-25-2012, 06:56 AM
Ronin is right, there were some errors. The RAS was having a sanction party and we were trying to pick them off also, but it was glitching almost every single time.
Players would never show up on the board.
Players would show up as a question mark, (with no bounty price, name, or any other identification).
Players would get stuck in battle constantly.
And of course, that horrid, "You CRUSHED your opponent" screen, (which as you've stated above, will be gone in sanction battles now - Thank you!)
This went on for about 20 minutes because there were so many players trying to access that part of Warzone, (which still wasn't that many people), before the two of us gave up on it for the time being.
Sanctions are fun. Glad you found the errors and hope to be back out there enjoying a revised/repaired sanction board.

06-25-2012, 08:27 AM
We have identified and fixed the issue that caused some sanctioned players to be stuck in fights, thus non-attackable for several minutes. We believe that this was the main source of the errors. Anyway, please let us know if you still see any other issues on the Sanction Board. Thank you!

06-28-2012, 10:00 PM
Your welcome, and thanks for the quick reply/results

07-01-2012, 02:17 PM
hey admin, there been alot of players not appearing on the sanctions lately. a sanctioned player would appear on one players list and not the anothers. for example my mini would sanction someone and it will not appear on my other account, even with clicking refresh every second.
other clan members are having the same thing happen to them.
now we at ras like having sanction partys, they are great fun, so we all know that a sanction is comming but they never turn up.
we are loosing money transfers by the bucket load. lmao

could you look into it for us?


07-02-2012, 06:37 AM
Ahem, I did not want to bring this up, because my military greatly appreciate's the RAS money transfers. I've been applying them to a pension plan along with a "Whoever kills the most gets a free two week vacation at a Sandal's resort of their choice!" for my most cunning warriors.
Without your transfers, my troop morale would greatly suffer. Please keep up the transfers. I don't know where they are going to... at all... (wait, hold on, let me scoot the stuffing around on my money mattress before I light my cigar with $100 dollar bills).

07-02-2012, 06:38 AM
But AtticGeneral is correct, the sanction board is often iffy on performance. Sometimes it's downright annoying, especially when multiple people are playing it. It should handle hundreds of players and dozens of sanctioned players with EASE. Please fix it, we love sanctions.

07-02-2012, 02:45 PM
lmao, we may have to include you in our next sanction party, lol :)

07-03-2012, 06:35 PM
I think you all did "include" me in your last sanction party... (I don't mind, it was fun seeing who could beat me and who couldn't)
But I really do miss the sanctions. Your sanction board should be able to handle 100 sanctioned players without glitching. Especially if you want the hardcore players to use it more.

07-05-2012, 09:02 AM
The "lag" that you noticed when using multiple accounts is actually something that we introduced, let me explain more:
Lately we have noticed some players that were manipulating both Battles Won and Sanctions Rankings by using multiple accounts. Thus, the first players in those two categories took big advantages by only winning battles / sanctions using multiple accounts. We will not ban people for using multiple accounts, instead we have developed a system that won't let the accounts interact with each other in a way for one account to gain unfair advantages. This applies to both battles and sanctions. For the sanctions list, if you place a sanction with one account, you will see it on your other account(s) with a delay of a couple of minutes in order for other players to have a chance of claiming it. This is at least a temporarily measure that we took in order to prevent the spread of this type of game manipulation. We have a few more days to finish the sanction board changes (collective sanctions, 24h player link, lowering the sanctions) - after that we'll see if we keep this measure or if it won't be necessarily anymore.

We have had some issues with the sanctions last week, but they have been fixed. We also have a server upgrade scheduled for these days, anyway, just wanted to let you know that the game should handle tens of simultaneous sanctions with no performance problems.

07-05-2012, 12:40 PM
oh no. a server upgrade, thats what they told us in w@w, just before they screwed us,lol,
thanks admin, actually a really good idea, i hope it stays

RAS Unknown
07-06-2012, 04:17 AM
multiple accounts ....what does that mean??????????????????

07-06-2012, 08:52 PM
multiple accounts ....what does that mean??????????????????


RAS Unknown
07-08-2012, 03:49 AM

Tony Fisher
07-10-2012, 07:24 AM
dont like the delay on sanction board not fair 2 ppl in groups transfering cash other groups get it !!!

07-10-2012, 08:07 AM
Tony - although not a fair practice either, the cash transfers between groups are not affected by this measure unless the groups are actually made of one single player having multiple accounts.

Chris Patton Wilson
07-10-2012, 08:17 AM
hi just came on here to say getting loot to complete missions is getting harder im waisting too much moral an not getting anything.

Uwe S Forchert
07-10-2012, 08:39 AM
thats right ,to mutch just transfering there cash ,with sanctions on the higher Players and claiming with second account !

07-15-2012, 05:42 AM
Now you have the "please wait" pop-up....I do not understand why there has to be any kind of pop-up at all, they interfere with attempt's to battle, and allow other players to swoop in and snag bounty...At this point, I am giving up on sanctions, As my blood pressure can not take the inferior set up...