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Sweet Revenge
02-06-2012, 01:32 PM
Can someone explain how even though I have accumulated minimum of over $6.5 Billion during this last week, yet instead of being included in the top 20 weekly wealthiest players, its showing that i only had 1.23 Billion???
I have deliberately been saving last week in order to achieve the following category

"Military Smartphone
will be awarded Monday, February 13th at 06:05 EDT to the first 20 players."

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02-10-2012, 10:12 AM
On the Rankings page, you can see the status of your weekly balance live. You may have earned over $6.5 Billion, but you spent some, so you had only 1.23 Billion on Monday. It's only the "profit" that matters, not your earnings. As I mentioned, you can see the live status on the rankings page, see how it's working when you earn and when you spend money.

Sweet Revenge
02-11-2012, 05:01 PM
Thats not entirely true. I purchased GOLD and converted that to cash in order to buy units on purpose last week so as to prevent my earnings being effected. I have been watching the states this week and after collecting my earnings, and doing exactly the same with the "gold for cash" to purchase a few more units, its now saying my profit is in the minus!!
But if I had spent some of my earnings during the week as you suggested, my vault still had $6.5 Billion on monday which was profit after all said and done.

Point being, I collect/earn from my bases and missions etc at least 20 times more than I spend on units so to be in a minus is a farce!

So as of now, and to the relief of my bank manager, I will no longer purchase anymore GOLD for this game. Great way to lose paying customers!!

Daft Bugger
02-12-2012, 10:43 AM
where is the like button

02-15-2012, 07:53 AM
Every Monday, we store your available money (cash + bank). The next Monday, we see how much have you earned in the previous week, so we take your available money again (cash + bank) and subtract the available money you had last Monday. In other words, it's not your total money that counts, it's the total profit you've actually made during that week. Let me give you an example:
Say that you start from $0.
Week 1: You make $10B and spend $2B. So you have $8B profit made during week 1 and let's say you qualify for the Weekly Wealthiest Rankings with this amount.
Week 2: You make $10B again, but this time you spend $12B. So you now have $6B available (you already had $8B from last week, you made $10B this week and spent $12B from your total amount of $18B). Even if you think you made $6B this week (because you have them in cash or bank) and you should qualify for the Weekly Wealthiest board, you actually made -$2B during week 2 (you earned $10B and spent $12B).

That's the difference between Weekly and All time. After Week 2, for the All time board you are ranked for your $6B, but for the Weekly board you are ranked for your -$2B. If we're to consider your $6B for the Weekly board it will be unfair for the other players, the same players will be on the Weekly board every week and the Weekly board will have the same players and amounts as the All time board.

We believe that this is fair and all other players understood this algorithm. Please let us know if you feel this is unfair in any way. As I said in my previous post, you have the live counter on your Rankings page so you can see for yourself every time you want the real amount that you made during the week, the amount that will be considered the next Monday.

Sweet Revenge
02-15-2012, 11:49 AM
I'm not disputing whether it is fair or not. I'm disputing the fact that I purchased gold to convert to cash for items I wanted to buy, deliberately to avoid using any cash I had earned throughout that week. That the bit you seem to keep misunderstanding.

But to be completely honest, that particular weekly prize is NOT worth the hassle of saving for. So as I stated above, I shall not bother buying gold anymore to convert to cash for units. I shall just use my earnings instead.