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    How is this possible?

    I know this question must have been asked a thousand times, but I don't think any player is fine your (admin) answers. How is it that a player at lvl 516 is, on a daily basis, hitting me at lvl 265? Not only that, I can't get revenge because this player is always in retreat, even after trying several times thru out the day.

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    name and shame, who is it?.

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    Not going there. I want Admin to answer this, but it seems they have not answer.
    Come to the table with how this works, admin or explain.

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    Ah Go on Iron Nuts - name and shame

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    yeah, we wanna give him a wegie

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    A, A
    Hmmmm, lets see, you posted this yesterday and you said they were level 516.....so the only people in that general area are the following:
    41. ChoMan
    Level: 521 levels

    42. General Bomb D Bastards
    Level: 520 levels

    43. Titohut
    Level: 519 levels

    44. Michaek
    Level: 517 levels

    But........my guess is this guy cause he gets alot of complaints and he levels very fast so he was probably 516 yesterday

    39. Private Bowser
    Level: 525 levels

    just a guess

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    Ding, ding, ding........ we have a winner. Have tried no less than 7 times through-out the day to hit him, always in retreat. All the complaints against him have been the same. I know upper level players can hit the lower, if

    1- the lower player hits first then upper can get revenge, but I thought the upper can hit the lower only the same amount as what the lower hit upper

    2- the lower player is on the upper's battle board, if this is the case what is a lvl 269 player doing on the board of a lvl 525

    As I check this morn, he tagged me seven times. That does not seems like I am on his revenge list. Even though I can beat him, I have not attacked him in several weeks, not to say that I wouldn't, but he is always hiding and I was just trying to move on, but this last week or so it is as though I am his only target.

    Being that admin will not give any info on how this works, leads to the conclusion that this player is a part of admin and they can't explain it.

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    the devs do have fake accounts, they think we are too stupid to know, nona, jota,. as for browser, i dont know yet, but i can assure you most ras are hitting him, so the reason you carnt get him, might be because we are.
    keep trying

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    do you spend real money on this game, because thats their way.
    they find out whos spending and hit them, so they spend somemore. they know we dont like getting beaten, so they hope we spend more,

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