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    Important notice regarding the Character expansion

    Hi everyone,
    In light of some of the misunderstandings regarding the new Warzone: Armageddon expansion, we want to address some important concerns:

    1. The new module will not affect players that choose not to engage in it in any way. Everyone is free to enjoy the old module just as before.

    Note: Absolutely no changes have been made to the old module and nothing will affect you if you choose not to play the expansion.

    2. Our immediate priorities are issues that the community has mentioned in the past months, like healing, a more open Sanctions board and others. Of course, we are continuously on the lookout for new ideas, so don't hesitate to leave us your feedback.

    3. The Character expansion is only at its first iteration and we have tons of features planned for it, from completing the sub-class roaster to different Arena events. BUT in no way does this mean the old module will be left behind. Both of them will receive the same attention and will be expanded in parallel.

    4. For item price balancing, every sub-class has generally only two important items that can be purchased only with Gold. Apart from them, Gold is only necessary for some less important, one-star items and hairstyles, the latter serving only visual customization and not affecting stats.
    Much more important are the Boss fights, where you can obtain items that are clearly superior to any purchasable equipment. Gold items are in the minority and players who would mostly rely on Gold will not be able to rise very far on the score-board.

    The Character expansion is our response to many demands from players that enjoy different play-styles and while it expands upon the Warzone: Armageddon format, it will also bring in a bigger number of players that ultimately benefits everyone, no matter what module they prefer.

    Again, don't worry about being affected by the new module since everyone is free not to enter the Arena. But we ask that you give it a chance from time to time, especially as new features are gradually introduced.
    As always, we're calling for your feedback regarding both modules and everything else related to the game (thread is open to everyone).

    Thank you and Good luck on the battlefield!
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