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    Sudden Negative Adjustment and Readjustment in Every Player’s Bounty Worth

    Kindly give us a detailed explanation on the sudden negative adjustment and readjustment in every player’s bounty worth. Last Wednesday, January 23, I notice that my original bounty worth of $93+++M (after buying some new property income bases and converting/upgrading my existing properties earlier in order to increase my bounty worth hoping to discourage rich and bully CC players who have penchant to frequently sanction me due to my cheap bounty worth as their revenge act in order to teach me a lesson) was negatively adjusted with a 20% decrease (or discount) to just $74+++M. Then, I notice again today, January 26, there is another negative readjustment in my original bounty worth (after the first negative adjustment) of $84.53M decreased by 50% to the current worth of only $42.27M. My parting questions for the game admin and devs are: (1) are these issues just a technical bug temporarily affecting the game?; (2) if this is not a bug, what is the standard computation used in determining the real bounty worth for each player at different experience and skill levels?; (3) what actions or resolutions would you implement in order to encourage more players such as myself in buying new property income bases and converting/upgrading their existing properties in order to increase their bounty worth but despite the effort of doing such actions, the bounty worth continues to decrease without prior notice?: and (4) what safety precautions we should take in order to discourage rich and bully players who have penchant to frequently sanction other players due to cheap bounty worth as their revenge act in order to teach them a lesson and also the use the Credit Card (CC) to their unfair advantage in order to purchase new bases and special weapons in the marketplace via gold purchases where majority of players doesn’t have such kind of luxury to do the same act?

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    Everyones worth went down, if you would have read the WarZone Update thread, you would understand why.

    20% cheaper during work-days, from 5X hourly income to 4X hourly income.
    Sanction Party!
    Furthermore, during the weekend, Sanctioning someone will only cost 2X hourly income, which should lead to more active and intense Sanctions-board battles.

    Meaning, if you make 42mil/hr then on the weekends your worth is 84mil.
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    sanction time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yeeeeeeeeeee-haw!
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