WOW look at this ferocious battling machine, a true warrior...... He won 5857 battles this week. That is truly amazing seeing as how he is a level 2734. He must have about 5 players on his battle board which means he must be terrorizing them every day. Or maybe he is just terrorizing one player, hmmm let me think...... well he can't beat bowser or molic so hmmm who could it be... ohhh I know maybe its "Spa Socky ". This guy has a 15% win ratio so I guess that solves the mystery. I feel so bad for that guy, getting abused all the time by such a nightmare of a player such as Jim....... Wait breaking news, this just in....Sock Jim and Socky , are the same person??????? what the heck??? Congratulations to Socky Jim for breaking the all time warzone record for most wins in one week.... What a true competitor this guy is, his enemies must really fear him.....Bravo