Greetings, soldiers!

A new set of awaited updates has just gone live! Full change log:

On the My Requests window, you will now find the "Accept All" button which allows to accept a total bulk of 25 requests - including gifts, boosts and ally requests.
Clicking the button will only accept the gifts, without sending them back.
If you accidentally click on a single request first, you can still use the "Accept All" button after you click the "Reload Requests" button next to it.
To make sure you see all your incoming requests, use the "Reload Requests" button until you have less than 25 pending.

- starting with today, Warzone: Armageddon will no longer use Facebook credits (which will be dropped alltogether this month by Facebook) and all transactions for in-game Gold Coins will directly use your prefered currency - which can be set on the Facebook interface by going to Account Settings -> Payments -> Preferred Currency.

- every transaction for in-game Gold Coins will grant you one random bonus Boost, which can be used for any future transaction of your choice. It can be used by going to Inventory -> Boosts -> One Use Boosts and checking Yes on the "Use gold bonus boosts" option, found at the bottom of the page.

- the drop rates for Boss fight rewards have been adjusted as follows:

Armageddon: from 1% to 3%
Epic: from 5% to 7%
Rare: from 20% to 25%
Uncommon: from 74% to 65%

- to compensate for the high-quality of certain featured items, a maximum of around 50 will be available for purchasing per item for any single player.

- the ratio of costs per level has been decreased for Healing. It is still generally level-dependent, but from around levels 700-800 you will start to see a noticeable difference in how much healing costs rise compared with before;

- damage received in Boss fights has been adjusted and will generally be 10% lower than before. It is still level-dependent, but its growth is more balanced compared with before;

- the overall technical performance of Boss fights has been increased and all battle operations will generally be faster.

The thread is open for discussion, so don't hesitate to leave us your feedback about the updates and the game in general. At ease!