Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day Event

The attack planned by Admiral Isoroku Yamamoto on Pearl Harbor was swift and unexpected. The troops had no time to prepare in advance and the Japanese aircraft tore through the American battleships with little effort. But hope for retaliation is not lost: our codebreakers have gathered information about Yamamoto's flight plans and we know with precision where he will be in the next days.

Commander, an urgent Warzone: Armageddon strike force must be organized and sent after the Admiral, as soon as possible, so disasters like this will not repeat.

The strike will begin at: 17:00 UTC (12:00 EST) on Saturday, December 7th.

Rules of engagement:

- Rewards will be gained depending on every player's Percentile Score. The Percentile Score is the percentage of scores lower than your own.

- The minimum damage required is 80,000. This score will grant you 10 reward items.

- The higher your Percentile Score, the higher the number of reward items you will get. The highest Percentile Score will be rewarded 40 items.

- The top 20 scores will be rewarded additional rewards as follows:

1st place - 20 additional Armageddon items
2nd place - 15 additional Armageddon items
3rd place - 10 additional Armageddon items
4-10th place - 5 additional Armageddon items
11-20th place - 5 additional items

- Up to 12 additional items are awarded, depending on the amount of time left at the end of the battle.

- Damage inflicted to this boss will grant you double the pay in cash when compared to the last high-level bosses.

- There is no limit to how many players can engage in the event.

- You have a maximum of 5 days to defeat him.

- The scoreboard will auto-refresh at about every 2 minutes.

Other Updates:
- you will now be able to see the whole scoreboard, no matter your overall position.

The thread is open for discussion so don't hesitate to leave us your impressions. Good luck!