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    Eastern Mars Expansion & Updates February 2014

    Hello everyone,

    We are excited to announce that the Eastern Mars expansion is now finally live! We have also introduced a couple of updates and changes, some of them designed to address issues that you raised over the last couple of months:

    *** We have re-balanced the supplies refills from boss fights:
    1) Prime Minister Ryan O'Shea will now offer 100 x 3 (300) Supplies, instead of 125 x 2 (250) Supplies. We have introduced the same amount of supplies (100 x 3) for Scientist Jonathan McCulloch (the supplies item replaces the XM1 Heavy Tank unit as an uncommon loot).
    2) Ambassador Xi-Jong will now offer 100 x 4 (400) Supplies instead of 125 x 3 (375) Supplies. We have also introduced 125 x 3 (375) Supplies for the Russian Physicist Igor Markov boss, replacing the Blizzard Truck unit as an uncommon loot item.
    3) The two new bosses of the Eastern Mars campaign will both offer 4 x Emergency Supply Crate (4 x 125 = 500 Supplies) as an uncommon loot.

    *** The two new bosses of the Eastern Mars campaign will both offer an item from the PLA Insignia collection as a rare loot (so they will both offer two collection items, one as an uncommon loot and another one as a rare loot). We hope that by doing so you will find both of them equally attracting for engaging in fights.

    *** We have introduced 13 new upgrades for your base:
    1) 6 new upgrades that you can buy using your honor points, out of which the first one costs 250M and the following 5 will cost 500M each (the price will remain constant, as we feel that it is a high enough limit). We may add additional honor points slots in the future. The total number of slots that you can buy with honor points is now 20.
    2) 1 new upgrade with gold (for the same price as the last 3, 100 gold). The total number of slots that you can buy with gold is now 15.
    3) 4 new slots that you can buy using your oil, at the same price as the last one added (5B bbl each). Because we feel that the prices for this section have increased too much in the past, we would like to make some changes in the next couple of weeks. However, feel free to upgrade your base using the existing prices, as we will refund oil when we decide to re-balance the prices.
    4) 2 new slots that you can buy using your cash, for 1500B and 3000B.

    *** The collection rewards won from this campaign are Air, Ship and Soldier units. We hope you'll enjoy strengthening your armies in these key categories, as the last campaigns have neglected some of them.

    *** The timer for consecutive heals has been revised and relaxed, thus, from now on the increase in seconds between two consecutive heals will be slower and the maximum wait time will be 90 seconds, instead of 120 seconds (you will reach the 90 seconds timer after the 8th consecutive heal). If you wait at least 10 minutes between two consecutive heals, the timer resets to the minimum 30 seconds. We hope this addresses some of your concerns and that it will speed up the game a little, while also ensuring protection against automated programs.

    *** For being requested multiple times, we have added the Confederate Flag as a choice for your character's flag. We hope you'll enjoy it!

    *** Your Morale, Supplies and Health will regenerate 25% faster for a week to help you advance in the Eastern Mars Campaign.

    *** We would like to offer you 3 x FREE Morale Refills to help you master the Eastern Mars campaign:


    *** We would also like to offer you the FREE Scorpion Assault Bot (+50% more GOLD at any Marketplace purchase):


    Please let us know your thoughts regarding the new campaign and today's updates. We know that many of you have waited for them for a long time and we hope you will enjoy them. Feel free to let us know your suggestions, ideas or questions, as we love getting feedback from you.

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    thank you, all this plus ten gold, a very good day.

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    i try to find a weak spot,for now all good!!! sow good job!!!!!!!!

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    awsome can always use the extra morale refills

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