It is reported that retired Delta Force operator "Bunny" Jones is leading a North Korean terrorist cell and is preparing to launch nuclear missiles against our base in the morning of Easter Sunday.

Commander, an urgent Warzone: Armageddon strike force must be organized and sent to destroy this traitor's fortress and disable the missiles.

  • The first stage of the boss fight will begin on Sunday, April 05 at 09:00 EDT (13:00 UTC/GMT).
  • The second stage of the boss fight will begin on Sunday, April 05 at 17:00 EDT (21:00 UTC/GMT).

Rules of engagement:

- Each stage will account for 1/2 of the boss life (300,000,000).
- You don't need to participate in all stages in order to collect your rewards.
- Each stage will resume the leaderboard resulted from the previous stage.
- You will be able to collect your reward after all stages have finished.
- Rewards will be gained depending on every player's Percentile Score. The Percentile Score is the percentage of scores lower than your own.
- The minimum damage required is 60,000. This score will grant you 10 reward items.
- The higher your Percentile Score, the higher the number of reward items you will get. The highest Percentile Score will be rewarded 43 items.
- The top 20 scores will be rewarded additional rewards as follows:

  • 1st place - 20 additional Armageddon items
  • 2nd place - 15 additional Armageddon items
  • 3rd place - 10 additional Armageddon items
  • 4-10th place - 5 additional Armageddon items
  • 11-20th place - 5 additional items

- Up to 12 additional items are awarded, depending on the amount of time left at the end of the battle.
- Damage inflicted to this boss will grant you double the pay in cash when compared to the last high-level bosses.
- There is no limit to how many players can engage in the event.
- You have a maximum of 4 days to defeat him.
- The scoreboard will auto-refresh every 3 minutes.

We hope that you will enjoy this event!
Happy Easter!