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    Let me see if I can understand this, I can not attack player 5 levels below me, but others that are 150 above me can hit me any time they want. "You cannot attack a lower level player".

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    This happened while i was typing, 1minute ago
    You were attacked by !~R.A.S~! Kill Or Be Killed.
    You lost the battle, taking 138 damage and losing $507,779........ Now this player is almost 300 levels above me, I don't mind losing a battle as long as I can battle myself.

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    Pussy, man up and take it, we are all getting ass fcuked on a daily basis exactly the same

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    Barabbas, you are a special kinda of stupid. Ras hits me on a daily basis because they can and they are infatuated with me, like I said "I don't mind losing", but when I can't battle the same as others, there is a problem. Good response from the admins.

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