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    Remove attack and defense boosts

    Battles should be decided by our respective choices of strategy and our respective unit strength, NOT by the computer randomly assigning attack or defense boosts. There is no reason for me being able to beat someone two times in a row, and the third time, lose because of that randomly assigned boost. Those random boosts need to be removed immediately, so we can fight fair battles, not computer-enhanced battles.

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    This is a good thread.

    What is the point in building up a good army when a 20% boost (either way) decides the outcome of a battle. If I attack someone, or they attack me...I want the out come (win or lose) to be decided on player quality. I may as well just build up and army and just daily attend to it like in farmville and sit back and let the system play the game for me!!..... No wonder people are becoming bored already.

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    I agree 100% The "Choose your strategy" part is the worst part of this game by far. It really takes away from the game IMHO

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    Thank you all for your opinions. We will ask everybody how they feel about this in a poll and if voted by majority as a bad feature we will lower, change or remove it.
    The feature is intended to be a surprise element in battles, an element that in balanced battles can either bring an advantage for you or your opponent.
    Again, thank you for letting us know what's bothering you, please let us know any other suggestions you may have for improving your experience with the game.

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    I've read this a couple times, and am still not sure where I fall..(I voted to remove), BUT.I kind of like the realism that the boost represents..In a real battle, tactics play a large role,and fate (which tactics you choose) does as well. Fact is, history teaches us that merely having the larger, more powerful army is no guaranty especially if your tactics fail...

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    I happen to like the "Choose your strategy" technique.
    It leaves something to chance, and if I've learned anything about war, it's that "Chance" oft times plays a role in battle. You may have 10,000 men on your side, but there's a chance that they may all get food poisoning, decide to sit out the rainy day, then get attacked by 1000 determined opponents while they are sitting on the toilets with dysentery... it's small, but there is still a chance. It's also why I pay my cooks extra to be careful...

    Don't take out the strategy. If you do, it simply becomes a numbers game.


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    I also agree 100% get rid of the random boosts, it really destroys the game.
    ~RAS~ Grave Digger

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    5% boost maybe, but 20% is way to much. Also when are new missions coming out??
    ~RAS~ Grave Digger

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