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  1. Will there be a sanction board?
  2. new gifts and bonuses
  3. Is this a Wargame or an Economic game?
  4. Morale Packs Use Anytime
  5. How about a means of transferring mission-required loot items?
  6. Several suggestions.
  7. Show money
  8. Honor points.
  9. Suggestion for ADMIN/DEVS
  10. Remove attack and defense boosts
  11. Defense list
  12. How can the lower leveled players attack Higher leveled players?
  13. select next 25 button????
  14. Mission loot
  15. Hey admins !!!!!!
  16. Question for Admin/Devs
  17. Forum Participation ang Game Growth, (this is for YOU, game dev's)
  18. Sanction Costs
  19. duel points
  20. Gifting changes
  21. Adding more loot to marketplace?
  22. Increase the limit for gift sending
  23. Adding Allies Shouldn't Require members to be friends on facebook
  24. New featured items every WEEK
  25. Relating gold and money.
  26. More Soldier Types
  27. Can't Play long!!!!
  28. Lack of Sanctions
  29. New Energy function
  30. skill points
  31. In-Game Currency Transfers (both money and gold maybe?)
  32. NPC Idea
  33. Maximum attacks on 1 player in a week
  34. Invisible battle strategy of any opponent of choice due to random system selection
  35. Battle Log
  36. Restriction on attacking lower-level players
  37. Limit on the number of players who can claim rewards and other special or traded item
  38. Health Boosts
  39. Increase in the number of featured items
  40. Trading of unused consumable loots for a special item or reward
  41. sharing extra hardware....
  42. Timer boost
  43. Looting cash from Boss
  44. The Bat & Anubis boosts
  45. Open the flood gates!!!
  46. Return of Missed and Unpurchased Feature Items
  47. Use of Available Cash or Cash Reserves for Purchasing Any Item
  48. Addition or Expansion in the List of Featured Items
  49. Increased Quantity of Gold and/orAdditional Item that can be claimed for Daily Bonus
  50. battle
  51. Ally Power
  52. Transfer Old Military equipment to allies!
  53. Addition of "KILLS" or "ENEMIES KILLED" at the Top Players Awards Section
  54. need new boss who give the masai mask and the barrel
  55. Increased Allocation Slots for Featured Items via Oil Reserves and HPs Purchases
  56. Commenting on profile walls
  57. cashing in useless loot items
  58. some questions to dev from a top player
  59. Retaining health and supplies
  60. Heal for $106,909,180 level 950
  61. Sanction party
  62. why boss kill gifts seem random and not fair?
  63. dev we waiting your promise
  64. dev please read this its the last time i bored you here
  65. Alliances
  66. junst an idea
  67. energy
  68. reallocation of skills points
  69. exchanging items
  70. When placing a sanction, should the game refill the health of the sanctioned player?
  71. your idea sucks - two accounts
  72. Module A vs Module B
  73. 200 players still do 1 level day
  74. Instantaneous Sanctions
  75. Going all out
  76. take a look at this dev , i not complain i just saying whit prove
  77. Countrys! (great idea)
  78. can not to this can not to that
  79. Go Fly A Kite
  80. auto clic
  81. Clan features - requesting community feedback
  82. Boss Money : Screaming for Justice
  83. Blodnovsky we Need New Bosses
  84. Warzone : Armageddon goes MAINSTREAM! more user than MW, and FV combined!
  85. Get Outta Here (leave this boss fight, intruder)
  86. can you make a page where we see all boss active whit the rewards?
  87. Players buy/sell from inventories
  88. Base production
  89. Follow Me
  90. Rocket Turrets
  91. Thanks for the Limit of Button Mashing
  92. next mission tier
  93. Thank You Devs (for bringing back) The B1
  94. Future Tense (bosses)
  95. Banners
  96. can you add a tmer on sanctions? and also a most powerfull list and most defnce list?
  97. §Loot Madness§ Let My People Go
  98. Looting dead bosses
  99. Money from bosses
  100. Zilch from Bosses.
  101. Unit`s, Upkeep, and Boss Fights. . . screaming pt 2
  102. Exploit the exploits. . . .
  103. Are there any revisions planned for ally gifting?
  104. How about saying Thank You? for a change. .
  105. i need 20 trillion to buy my full army
  106. Boss Money and Armageddon Rate
  107. These DuMMy`s wont HIT me BACK! (grrrrrrr)
  108. Arena fights
  109. just saying ,
  110. Some players should read this MPD about multi`s and mini`s
  111. Dry your eyes little guys
  112. Visualize the Economy on another level
  113. Option to heal the player I am attacking.
  114. defence gear
  115. cheating or a bug
  116. Boss Battles Group
  117. Defense boosts
  118. whats the special on memorial day
  119. Armed Forces day why didn't WZ reconize this day?
  120. In memory of Joel A.K.A. CONAN
  121. how much Supplies do you need to pas a level !!?
  122. crates and cheating
  123. Marketplace
  124. 9/11 memorial , remembering all who have fallen servicing there country..
  125. newbie Hints
  126. Communication with Enemy Attacker
  127. Listen Here you Dev's
  128. Collection item gifting
  129. Flag add
  130. WarZone needs to do something about this game, all we get is rumors... time to act .
  131. Warzone Debates
  132. In game picture
  133. Can we get asecond prompt on withdrawing funds?
  134. How about updating the marketplace
  135. Taking a poll in EKG BOSS FIGHT ROON-Open Group