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  1. Accepting Gifts
  2. Max morale bug ?
  3. Russian H347 unavalable?
  4. Daily Bonus
  5. Another Accepting Gifts Problem
  6. New Leader Boards
  7. No weekly goodies this week?
  8. African Menace - Not African Meance :-) just doing a lil spell checking Dev's
  9. Is there a reason we can't share.
  10. I cant buy a space shuttle!
  11. Error with weekly rankings
  12. Not all units going into battle
  13. Empires of the Far east loot problem..Help Devs
  14. How can this Be
  15. Experince Not Going Up
  16. I cant loot the fire scout BMW
  17. Gifts keep returning
  18. Accepting Gifts Bug
  19. Unable to post any wall bonuses since last night.
  20. unable to buy items marketplace
  21. I bought credits through my phone and never received them
  22. A Battle Error?
  23. no permenant boost given
  24. Sanction board issues
  25. Marketplace bug ?
  26. boss fight
  27. wishlist
  28. Forum loading issues and other items
  29. Facebook connect not working
  30. wish list gifts
  31. collection items
  32. Sharing Spie's Report
  33. Incorrectly displayed items in Players Profile
  34. Aircraft Factory Bug
  35. Sanction Error
  36. Unable to level up
  37. Errors
  38. How is this possible?
  39. no a very level playing field
  40. Supplies not regenerating
  41. defence units
  42. Base Upgrade Display
  43. who's stole my money
  44. Skill points
  45. Buying Inventory
  46. hey how comes most boss items have changed ?
  47. Morale not re-charging
  48. Sanctions.
  49. why no smartphone
  50. Cant Trade Oil
  51. supplies not regenerating
  52. For everyone affected by the "supplies going under 0" bug
  53. new error
  54. Lost unit
  55. game update messed my skill points
  56. No gold at midnight
  57. Boss Fight Items for Characters
  58. Game App Keeps Only Refreshing and Not Showing
  59. Sudden Negative Adjustment and Readjustment in Every Player’s Bounty Worth
  60. Boss fight rewards for characters
  61. New Anomoly
  62. post brags on new game in game
  63. more details on campaign for details
  64. Game not loading
  65. net worth and hourly income.....
  66. error cannot send bonus item direct to allie
  67. No Gold Today
  68. Wall posts
  69. In order to play this game, your browser must accept third-party cookies.
  70. how is this not a bug
  71. Missing gold
  72. Privacy breached
  73. defence not work
  74. trouble with sending gifts
  75. Trouble joining clan..
  76. Attack front
  77. Game posts
  78. Game slow
  79. Rommel, GO AWAY !!!
  80. Where is my missing 10 gold or so?
  81. Week Ranking: Wealthiest
  82. ammo missing from boss fights
  83. net worth
  84. Enemy Kills?
  85. Invalid boss link.
  86. No supp from boss
  87. losing life
  88. Battle button doesn't work
  89. Boss died 34 days ago and still on my boss page
  90. Weekly Rankings
  91. Missing S&R Scout Unit and the Other Unremembered Previous Gold Item in the MP
  92. Unable to send gifts
  93. Lag
  94. Full Inventory when Battling
  95. Lost 240 gold and a 50% Gold Bonus Boost After Purchasing Gold via Direct Paymet
  96. Boss Battles Remove only option?
  97. Battle units not being used
  99. No consistency
  100. Where's my Thermal Camera??
  101. can't send items to other players wish list...
  102. Avg clan level not updated.
  103. Reload gifts does not work anymore since fb changes last week.
  104. Sharing a post
  105. Game not loading correctly
  106. What's going on with the experienced table???????????
  107. Boost not awarded
  108. Wasted Skill Points
  109. sharing collection items
  110. sanctions
  111. USCG HC-130 Hercules + Avenger Air Defense System
  112. Experience points are frozen
  113. Soviet T34
  114. Alex.....why i cant send gifts to my allies..???
  115. Can't post gifts or money
  116. Gifting hong kong passport
  117. Not getting base collection while off