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01-18-2013, 10:21 AM
The Character expansion allows you to completely customize your avatar and engage in personalized "Player versus player" fights with other Warzone: Armageddon players.

Note: A F.A.Q. detailing the Character expansion is available in-game.

The first screen of the Characters module will allow you to choose your class: Marine, Agent or Mercenary. Choose carefully based on class and stat description as you will not be able to switch your class.

Note: The option to switch to another class will be introduced in a future update.


After choosing your class you will be taken to the Inventory, where you can completely customize your appearance and stats with the help of equipment.

The left part of the screen displays your avatar with his equipped items.
On the right, you can see the nine categories of available equipment. All of them affect your stats, except for the last category, that of hair types, which only serves visual customization.

To see the stats of any item, just hover over it with the mouse. Each item comes in five main classes, designated by the number of stars on the left and are further separated according to color: Yellow - Light, Blue - Medium and Red - Heavy.


To equip your avatar, simply click on the desired item in the list. To remove any equipped item from your avatar, just drag-and-drop it in the recycle bin that appears in the center.

The lower part of the Inventory screen displays your current stats. Hover over them with the mouse to read each one's description.


There are four ways to obtain new equipment: by purchasing it, by upgrading items you already own, by completing missions and by participating in Boss fights.

To buy equipment, go to the Supply Depot/Intel Store/Black Market tab. From there, click on the desired category of items to see what's available.


To upgrade equipment, go to the Armory/Laboratory/Warehouse tab. From there, click on the desired category of items to see what's available.


Each new equipment piece needs two components to be obtained: a base item and an upgrade part. Once you have the necessary components, click the Assemble/Develop/Craft button to obtain the upgraded item.

To complete missions, go to the Campaigns/Operations/Raids tab.
Each class has its own set of missions, with each mission divided in three phases and each phase having four mastery levels.


Each mission has a certain level requirement. To see which is the minimum level necessary to engage a mission, hover the mouse over its respective target.
Each mission comes with different experience and item rewards, which you can see in their respective screens.


To obtain equipment from Boss fights, choose the Character category in the Boss fight screen. You can switch between Army Units and Character items anytime during the fight, right until the end.


To engage in PvP Battles with other players, go to the Battle tab, click on Arena and then Enter. Once in the Arena, you will remain there for 30 minutes (after which you can exit any time you want) and can attack any player on the list for a maximum of two times every two hours. Arena fights consume your Supplies.


In the next screen you will see all players that have entered the Arena. To engage a player, click the Fight button. Below the player list, you can see your Arena Battle log.


Note: A F.A.Q. detailing the Character expansion is available in-game.

Good luck on the battlefield!