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  1. Finally! Between RAS-Slaughter, Merc-Shadow, and the two of us, I don't think anyone knows about the forums. It's really needed in a game like this. Builds a place where players can debate the finer weak points of their opponents or give helpful information about how they themselves became, (and of course, always were), the greatest damned players in the game.
    I'm gonna start commenting on all my opponents walls, (that allow me to do so), to get the ball rolling. Even if it means I have to sanction them non-stop to get their attention. I've got over 6 billion in the bank, might as well enjoy it. At level 122, I can't purchase anything else useful other than enemies who are pissed off at me and wish to vent their frustrations in highly intelligent and delightful debate formats.


    p.s. If you're nice, I'll invite all three of you to my sanction party.
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