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    Red face not able to post in facebook ..Require Captcha ...why?

    the last 3 day i have a message went try to post a boss or other for facebook... a box open and ask for SECURITY CHECK 1 to send post and after send again to i thing post ...2 time i have to type the bla bla bla of the square..

    can you remove this from my account please...
    2 a link for contact us ( warzone problem or bug ) will be appreciated.

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    Hello Pierre,
    We are aware of the situation and continuing our discussions with Facebook to try and sort this out. The problem is not directly related to Warzone, but to some possible new security changes made by Facebook. We apologize for any inconveniences this has created, but we ask for your patience and understanding until we get some clear answers from them. Until then, please continue to contact us about anything related to Warzone. Aside from the game's Facebook page and forum, we can be reached at "support [at] warzonefb.com".

    As a temporary solution, we have removed the images from the game's feed so you will now be able to post messages without the interference of the Captcha. Of course, we are also working to restore everything to the normal state. Thank you.
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