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    Gold for oil& honor

    Get 10,000 oil
    15 gold
    Purchase now
    Get 2,500 honor points
    10 gold
    Purchase now

    I would like to suggest that these amounts be adjusted, Realistically, I would like them to be 1,000,000 and 250,000 respectively, But in actuality, I would settle for 100,000 and 25,000.
    A fully upgraded oil refinery produces 56,000 bbls, every 1.5 hours. So why would I spend 15 gold to get 10,000?
    And, at my lvl, I get 500-750 honor per hit, so a mere 10 hits nets me 5,000 to 7,500 honor,(Not including Boss battles which run higher) so why would I spend 10 gold for 2,500?
    I suspect an addition of a 0 on each of these would increase gold purchases of these items.
    Thanks, RONIN

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    A, A
    I'd think that a percentage of what you produce, (similar to how you can purchase money with gold), for the oil and for the honor points.
    We NEVER use gold for oil or honor points. Just not worth the shiny metal for such a small pittance of the rewards on those two items.

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    better idea if we could purchase gold with oil and honor points

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    I agree with James H,

    and I also whole heartedly agree with Mach, that's good advice.

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