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    Character module - Important update

    Greetings everyone,
    Based on feedback received since the Character expansion was launched, we have decided to modify certain aspects of it in order to make it easier for everyone, both older and new players, to engage it.
    The main change would be that sub-classes have been completely discarded and when clicking the Character tab you will be taken directly to your Inventory and you also have immediate access to the first two sets of missions. Character items from Boss fights will be obtained exactly as before, with the exception that you will get immediate access to them (after the fight has ended) since you only have one avatar.

    You will also be able to change your avatar's skin and facial hair. Also, hair styles no longer cost anything and those of you who have purchased any in the past will get their gold back.

    More updates are on the way, especially regarding Arena fights, which we're looking to expand into full-featured PVP events.

    We hope you'll enjoy the new changes and don't forget to leave us your feedback for any aspect of the game.
    Thank you.
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