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    Exclamation Future Tense (bosses)

    Summer Time Bosses

    lol just kidding, take ur time. .

    Hey Developers, I'm wondering what's up with Horatio Nelson. . i've been looking for this collection item since the last time the cows left home (and that was so long ago, i don't count on em comin back) so my next idea is this. . I beleive i've mentioned it before.

    I am quite content with the Scientist, and with O'Shea. Very good bosses, this is the way we like to play the game. Must be more active than ever, so my idea for the next set of bosses are possibly ones that can be stuck in between the old versions.

    Famous Generals Collection - Missing from Bosses
    Gun Parts Collection - Missing from Bosses
    African Tribal Gear - also Missing from Bosses

    Some of us like to collect and even more avid interest would be shown (i'm sure) if we could hunt down these collection items, aswell.

    Thanks for your time

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    I agree here, most players now have an abundance of collection items that cannot be completed without the ones mentioned above

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