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Thread: defence gear

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    defence gear

    there seems to be a deficiency in defence gear.
    ging by the latest bunch of attacks, my opponent ha almost 1000 battle rifles. That is excellent from an offensive point of view, I myself have 600 or so, no complaints in that department.
    The thing that concerns me, with so many players opting to do the Oshea boss, collecting and exchanging battle rifles. How is it possible to defend against them, with an attack capability of 260 there is no single defence gear item to combat this.
    Are there any plans to alleviate, what is going to become a total imbalance in the future, as in a few weeks with more and more bosses being completed, it will no longer be necessary to field an army, just have yourself 3000 battle rifles and that will suffice.
    While on the subject of bosses, how about adding some more, so we can collect the items from lower down the missions board, African tribal gears, so we could collect Zulu warriors, Famous generals so we could collect the Assault mercenary.
    Just a thought

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    why does my IP finder say your both James Henderson, aswell as an account called Bindair Dundat?

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    Quote Originally Posted by §Akatsuki§Kisame§ View Post
    why does my IP finder say your both James Henderson, aswell as an account called Bindair Dundat?
    Probably because I have more than one acct, or is the fact that you are thick as mince and hadn't noticed that I never kept that fact secret.
    Now there is only the one active acct. James stopped playing a few weeks ago and Rasputin has just reached the 1000 mark, so I knocked it on the head as well.
    Next question?

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    A, A
    a better question yet......why do you even have an ip finder

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