Alex this sounds like a bad idea and you haven't even said exactly what that idea is yet. It seems to me that you plan on opening the new expansion and new boss fights which will probably open up a new defense weapon that can match the extremely powerful battle rifles.... well thats a GREAT Idea........on the surface. But lets think about this before you rush into things. the people who have 2k battle rifles are the people that went from not so strong to ridiculously strong. these are clearly the same people who have endless amounts of time to sit around and play this game all now you want to combat the battle rifles with a new defense weapon....Ok great, but this doesnt really solve shit because all you've done now is allow the people with 2k attack weapons and no defense to strengthen up their defense and become untouchable. they will sit around all day long until they have 2k-3k special defense units and then laugh at everyone else who now has no chance to defend or attack against them. I say lets pull back on the reins a little bit and figure out how you can fix the current game that you have right now rather then adding a bunch of new shit that is untested and unknown what new problems it will cause. I just don't understand what you are going for here. The main goal for the developer of these games is to make money. Well I always say a player either has time to play these games or they have money (very few players have both), you have totally given the advantage to the players who have time and taken away everything from the players who had no time but were willing to pay to compete. Good luck with that decision, I hope you are able to fund this game a couple months from now.