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    Thank you all for your patience regarding the ongoing lag issues occurred on the World Boss. We are happy to announce that proper optimizations have been made and that you shouldn't experience any lag from now on.
    Nothing has been lost - every attack that you have inflicted during the lag periods has been recorded and the score was added to your total. The duplicate scores have also been removed. The Scores are now updated once every 2 minutes, without causing any interruption to the game.

    We apologize once again for any inconveniences that these problems may have caused.

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    I would like to suggest the inclusion or addition of 5x125 or higher supply refills rewards in the succeeding world boss fights for additional motivation and incentive for players doing this extraordinary boss fight. Also please consider reducing the boss health and time so we can finish it the soonest possible time because it seems it would take us forever to kill the boss. Thanks.

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    Fight against bosses is good

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    Warzone Armageddon the best!!

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