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    Rommel, GO AWAY !!!

    Hehe, catchy title, eh?. Actually, my first Rommel battle is hung up on my 'BOSS' section...

    He is there on both challenge, and battle.

    I have already collected him, and wouldn't mind sending him on his way....I have shut down pc, cleared

    history, ran anti-vir, ect..... now, just get "Error You already collected the rewards for this boss battle!"

    Any help would be appreciated

    thanks, RONIN

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    A, A
    Yes I got that too, would be nice if I got all those Billions every time I hit collect when I see it hehehe

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    Still got Rommel myself, trouble is it wont pay me out! keeps saying I've already collected but I haven't it wont let me, damned annoying considering the effort I 'd put in!

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    Way hey nice one got my stuff, 28 items and enough money to go out tonight! Lol. Thanks for fixing it Guys.

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    nigelball32b, Please try again, it should work now and sorry for the inconvenience.
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