alex, if your going to do more world bosses then i think you will need to up the crate amount awarded by xi-jong and o'shea bosses so we can all put a fair amount of damage on the world boss battles. also, you really need to do something about the players that are using scripts to do boss battles, collect, and level. how is it fair to the other players in this game who set at their computer and ACTUALLY do the work? i sat here thursday all day and clicked on that world boss and gained about 7 million only to go to bed and wake up just 6 hours later and see certain other players who gained 12-15 million in just 6 hours. and then reap the rewards from CHEATING, how is that fair to all ? i feel that the script players are the ones who are slowing this game down. many of us used to play world war and script players ruined that game and is now long gone. please find a way to put a STOP TO ALL SCRIPTING and level the playing field for all......thx