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    Where is my missing 10 gold or so?

    Hi Alex and WZ Devs,

    Kindly explain why my gold suddenly decreases by 10 golds or so this morning after receiving my daily bonus of 3 golds this morning. As far as I can remember, I have a total of 848 golds (@ almost 1300 level during that time) last Tuesday and decided to purchase a Stealth Hunter worth 48 golds which leaves me with a balance of 800. Since then I level up for more than 10 levels which gives me @ least 15 gold increase plus 9 daily bonus gold. Kindly advise on this recurring technical issue. Thanks and have a great day to all good WZ players out there.

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    I tink it is being hacked for some time. that or it needs repair, bacuse i put money in, could not purchase and also twice seen the amounts change without touching anything. it just like flashed. noted getting stuck on trying to get certain parts and unable to reguest or change items of my own. i had to redo, rebuy, already leveled in spots and rewin the ones won. I had crazythings..thught odd, checked it out..was frustrated..thought maybe the person in charge was involved if the person does not care.
    possible friends of friends..hacing and prevents others that try to loose but the freebees get all, win ours, thats wrong. includs not giving directions up front..proove they paid for any with banking..proof or prepaid, in their own real name.thanks.

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