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Thread: newbie Hints

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    newbie Hints

    As a new player trying to find my way round the game,it would be handy for hints and tips designed for those below level 100.

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    Take things slowly, try to keep your advance tied to your weapons, if you race ahead, then you will be playing catch up, it's very easy at the beginning to race ahead, but this is detrimental to your game.
    Split your skill points into defence and attack, at least keep those at the same level as you are, so level 100 should be at least 100 defence and 100 attack.
    Invest your mone in bases, go for the quickest time turn around for those, generate cash to buy more weapons, mre bases, money and it's generation is the key to the game.
    Happy hunting

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    don't spend any gold until you have all your gold bases.
    get as many allies as you can and send gifts to them every day.
    your army is your gifts until you can stand on your own 2 feet.
    always keep your health as low as possible and bank any money before you heal up.
    go back through the warzone f/b page and collect any gifts that are still live.
    give all your rewards to me.
    and have fun.

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