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    Skill points, what level do they start

    New to the game. read that you get 5 skill point each level. I went from level 1 to 4 with no points awarded. Do they start after a certain level, say, hopefully level 5?

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    Hi Jacob,
    Welcome to the game.
    Skill point assignation is available starting with level 5. Until then, they are auto-assigned to energy.
    I hope you enjoy the game and please contact us if there's anything else.
    Have a suggestion, problem or just want to get in touch? Contact us at " support [at] warzonefb.com "
    For bug reporting, please provide a detailed description of the problem and, if possible/applicable, a screen-shot.

    Need to contact me directly? Send me a private message.

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    dont no what is going on with game but its taking my skill points when i get down to 5 it takes last 5 it wont add on it takes wth is going on ?

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