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    Lost 240 gold and a 50% Gold Bonus Boost After Purchasing Gold via Direct Paymet

    Hi Alex and WZ Devs,

    Upon purchasing gold using my debit card with the 50% gold bonus boost, I lost a total of 240 gold and a precious gold bonus boost due to your system error. After trying so many times to get the third and last gold purchase, here is the prompted message: "Sorry, your payment failed. Please update or change your payment method." Can you do anything for me to get back the lost 240 gold and credit them to my account because it's very important to me to utilize them in buying featured items and also bases for properties and oil. Looking forward to expeditious investigation and resolution to this financial and technical issue that I just encountered. Thank you and have a nice day.

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    BTW, when I attempt purchasing 1 of the regular featured items, a prompted message appears: "Error
    An unexpected error occurred. Please try again!" Kindly do the immediate need to fix this bug issue that seems to hound this game for eternity.

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    We have checked your activity and found two confirmed transactions, each for 160 Gold. The first one used the Bat boost, thus finalizing with 240 Gold and the second used the Golden Anubis, which also resulted in 240 Gold.

    The third transaction has not registered with us, either in funds or points and so no further boosts have been used, apart from the two mentioned.

    Payments are still processed by Facebook and the "Payment Failed" message is from them. We have no further control about it.
    In the Facebook interface, please check Account Settings - Payments - History and if you find more than two transactions, you will need to contact them. There are several reasons the third transaction might not have been allowed, but only Facebook will know what it is in this case.

    About the Unexpected Error, it has been resolved, so thank you for the notice.

    Please keep us updated about the transaction issue and notify us if we can further assist you.
    Have a suggestion, problem or just want to get in touch? Contact us at " support [at] warzonefb.com "
    For bug reporting, please provide a detailed description of the problem and, if possible/applicable, a screen-shot.

    Need to contact me directly? Send me a private message.

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