Today I use the word Dev's loosely, because I've come to find our ammo pack rewards have been deviated from what we should be getting. Perhaps you Developers who have deviated our rewards think we don't deserve to have a way to build an ammo reserve, yet you've been graceful enough to provide an extra ammo pack for those who play every minute of the day.

That works for those guys, but what about us who play everyday but not all minutes of the day? We need packs to be availible in set's of 3's once again, please allow this to happen so that my interest in the game will not vanish, atleast before winter is over.

Thanks in advance, I mean this is the only facebook game for me. It's just that I only have said x minutes allowed in my day to play. You Developers have a lovely day, and a wonderful holiday season.

Merry Christmas, if I may dare say so