General rules
  1. Forum language is English. Any other foreign language posts will be closed/deleted.
  2. You should use a civilized, proper language. NOTE that using obviously offensive words (such as "F**K U" or any other form) or Acronyms is not allowed.
  3. Please choose appropriate titles when creating a new topic and make sure that you post your topic in the appropriate forum/category.
  4. Use the search function before posting; perhaps your question had been already answered.

What is not permitted in the discussion forum:
  1. Spamming or advertising: It is forbidden to ask other members to visit websites, to buy, sell any product or service.
  2. Hatred: Racism, discrimination against any race or religion, political view, hatred speech, misogyny.
  3. Right to privacy: You can't post any personal or private information about you or other members. You are not allowed to post private messages between the Warzone: Armageddon Support Team and you or other members.
  4. Insults: You can't insult other members or moderators of this forum.
  5. Porn: Any sexually, obscene material is not allowed.
  6. Cheating: Cheating or using exploits or known bugs is not allowed. This also comes for posting about cheating methods.


  • Should you breake the rules above, you will be issued a warning and the post may be deleted.
  • If you continue to break the rules, you will be issued a temporarily ban.
  • Persistently break the rules and you will be given a permanent ban.
  • If you register under a different account, it will be also banned.

These rules can be modified in time, so please keep an eye on this topic.