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    remind anyone of the last days of w@w. just saying

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    A, A
    hello i dont normally write in here but i do love your game and i would like to know whats going on , i would just like any kind of response ,can the game be fixed ? are you trying to fix it ? a lot of us still play your game and have put in a lot of time and effort into it so could you please talk to us and let us know whats happening many thanks tina

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    it does seem like we have a huge problem here.. every player in the game is having serious issues and everyone is complaining, yet we post, and we haven't heard nothing back from the devs?? I do have an straight up question directed at the DEVS OF WARZONE!!!" WHAT IS GOING ON? AND NO B.S. .. BE VERY HONEST WITH US" we have a right to now, whether we spend money on this game or not, everyone here has done there part in making this game the best it can be, .. but!! if there Devs are no working with us, or replying back to a serious problem, what are we suppose to think? every game i play whether its on here or on X-BOX its suppose to be exciting, and its nice to offer all who have put time and endless effort into making this game what it is, a great game.. we don't want to see this game go down hill... we are doing our part in keeping this game alive... now we ask you this, what is going on? please be very honest and no tech talk, keep it simple and straight to the point.. honesty is the best policy!! thank you

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    Hello everyone,

    We are very sorry for not being active on the forums lately. This issue was caused by an unannounced change in Facebook's code that affected our game. We have successfully fixed it yesterday. If you notice any other similar bugs, or if some of you are affected by any issue, please also let us know about the issue via the support email (support@warzonefb.com) and via our Facebook Page (https://www.facebook.com/warzonearmageddon).

    We have been working for some time on the new expansion and some other updates, and although we have delayed our self-imposed target, we will release them very soon.

    We are again very sorry for not getting back on this issue sooner, and we would like to reassure you that we are actively developing and supporting this game. We hope you will enjoy the new updates.

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