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    A lot of profiles are now unable to play the game.
    It seems a bit foolish to have an opponent banned because you cannot beat them, or they are beating up on you.
    If you can't beat someone, GET STRONGER
    If they are beating up on you, build your defence, make yourself an unattractive target, or get help from your allies to take them down.
    Do not go running to facebook and tell them, "This is a fake profile"
    Why? Because what goes around comes around. If not directly to you, then to your alliance mates.
    For me the game has been irretrievably damaged, because I lost my strong profile.

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    Please contact us at support@warzonefb.com and explain your situation (has Facebook banned your account?). We may be able to assist you in recovering your account.
    Thank you!

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    @admin : Do you not monitor your players, the players that have been loyal to you and your product, the players that have layed cash at your door, and stood shoulder to shoulder with other loyal players who may not have layed cash at your door but were supportive in many other ways? Recently there have been some large campaign enacted to remove what FB would call illegal accts, for reasons that are personal to each occurrence, FB has eliminated accounts that were active with your game and may have been paying customers of yours, that is not a factor as far as account disable committee is concerned. Most of us that play your game as offered play it hard and frequently: we enjoy it, we like the banter it creates, we like the opportunities for combat and for new potential friends. We look forward to the new phases, to the ne features, and to deciphering the recent releases, But I have to say that having you question a recent FB ban points out how you may not be actually watching the player community and that troubles me.

    There have been many recent FB bans of player accts and all of us are well aware.

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    Sent the relevant details, still waiting for a reply.

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    Wow I did not know such things existed erm as long as my facebook is ok then I'm not too concerned about game accounts unless I pay into them which so far is only 3 monthly games I am soon gonna be paying intp DOA but as far as Warzone goes I am not strong enough yet to put cash down because I have to keep a Twice than level ratio compared to average players before I put money down! I will keep this in mind like to not get too strong! :3

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    Wow didn't know such a thing existed good luck man

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