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Thread: Sharing a post

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    Sharing a post

    Cannot share a post whether it be a bossfight, a collection item or a base collection etc etc generates an error

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    Here too.
    Yesterday it happened too about the same time, but everything went back to normal after a while.

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    for the past 2 days I am getting errors when sending items after every 3 or 4 items sent so far I have lost 6 items while trying to send to carpangler. Can you please fix this its redundant too try and send items if 1 in 5 are lost in error after all the work put into playing in order to create collection items if I am going to lose so many in transit and get an error message.

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    The errors are that are occurring when trying to post to your wall are generated by Facebook. While we cannot directly change or investigate them, we have tried to make adjustments to the game that we hope will improve the process of sharing collection items:

    - you can now complete up to 5 collections at a time and share the reward items in just one Facebook post
    - if you still encounter any errors with sharing your post, the items will not be lost and they will appear below the collections, in the new section called "Your latest traded collections", where you now have the option to re-share them

    We hope that you will find these new features useful, please let us know if you still have any issues regarding this topic or general feedback that you would like to share with us.

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