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    Halloween Event 2014: Ghost Rider

    The Warzone Halloween Event will go live at 20:00 EDT and what follows is the complete set of rules. Please read them carefully.

    • starting at 20:00 EDT today, you will be able to light up one Jack-o'-lantern every 6 hours
    • every time you light a Jack-o'-lantern you have the chance to find one Halloween Mask
    • once you have collected one of each type, you can trade the collection for one Ghost Rider
    • the event ends at 23:59 EDT on Sunday, November 2nd, after 10 days of active duty and will not be prolonged after that date
    • at the end of the event, if you have at least 10 masks (no matter which ones) you will be allowed to trade them for one Ghost Rider unit, regardless of how many Ghost Rider units you have gathered during the event.
    • you will be able to exchange more than 10 masks and you will be awarded 1 x Ghost Rider for each 10 remaining masks.

    If you have any questions or simply wish to discuss the event, this thread is open to all. Best of luck to everyone and a Happy Halloween!

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    Although these don't cost any energy nor supplies, it would be nice to be able to trade masks with other players (this may be easier said than done) I keep getting a bunch of the same ones and seems like last year the same problem came up. Just a thought.

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    A nice incentie on this would be to give 5 skill points for every infantry player you get That would be a real chance for players to correct some of their boo boo's on assigning skill points

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