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    Black Friday Weekend 2014

    The Black Friday special sale is a great occasion to bring back some of the best Featured Items of the past.

    These are the main things to keep in mind about the sale:

    - 15 Featured Items have returned at greatly discounted prices
    - discounts range between 50 and 75% of the initial price the items had in the Marketplace
    - every item comes in a limited number, with a maximum of 50 units for each item
    - any player can buy a maximum of 5 units of any item, from the total 50
    - additional discounts are applied when 2, 3, 4, and 5 items are bought, just as with the current Marketplace policy; the discount for 4 and 5 items will be exactly 25% of the item's initial price

    Have a safe and productive Black Friday!

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    yeah great, not!!
    it seems you started this while Europe was sleeping and when Europe awoke, there was nothing left.
    i know this is an american based game but if you dont consider European time then we wont have the chance and therfore not bother playing.

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    update the page, nothing is left

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    A, A
    I am not in europe but when I logged in this morning the option to purchase was not on my wall. Now I log in it tells me about the sale but all sold out. Not impressed!!!

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    I missed it too... Have an after Christmas sale....


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