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    The complete list of clans

    OK, clan admins, here you go, post up in here to compete for newbs....

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    Heart`s Of Oak, small group. Fair play policy. Will help with game playing.

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    cool can i join.mega low player with no idea and seriously need allies..LOL

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    what level do you need to be to join your clan

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    Quote Originally Posted by philb69 View Post
    what level do you need to be to join your clan

    Levels dont matter.......its if we like you or not :-)

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    I am at level 860 and no one wants to recruit me .

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    Quote Originally Posted by melner View Post
    I am at level 860 and no one wants to recruit me .

    Get to know your allies, if they are in a clan, they might well end up sponsoring you, or at least putting your name forward to be considered for clan membership.....failing that..............start your own clan and kick some arrse

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    What are the advantages of being in a clan? Isn't this a game that's based on your own individual work to get yourself to a higher level. I am fairly new to the games but I need some info

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    Clan's/Groups can help each other Gary - Hits and tips for one, but helping each other out with battles and boss fights can come in handy - A lot of group members will only posts their links (HP, Cash etc) in their groups page thus removing a source for other players while conveying an advantage to their own members (they get the loot).

    Most Clans/Groups will be invite only, and a far few of them had their roots in other games, EFF used to play World War (Note not World at War, whole different game that was) RAT's seemed to have been formed on another game as well.

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    learning joining teams, weapons, hints, tips

    come and view this! Is there a bug on this game? If so, let me know.
    I need to be directed to the correct person to contacrt about the rules and credits.
    I am new to this also, and not a man.
    I am working on getting a few helpers,
    in my gaming and teams.playing now..join on with me, thank you, I would give and accept..as well as be honest.
    Any tips are welcomed.Thanking you, have a good day and eve.

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