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    New World Boss: Dmitri Bierko


    Your full military might is required in the upcoming attack against Dmitri Bierko aka The Phantom Snake, an ex-KGB agent leading a company of mercenaries called The Phantom's Veterans. Our intelligence report that they are engaged in multiple covert ops sponsored by the North Korean Government. The attack will take place in multiple stages and will be directed towards their base on the Skira Island.

    • The first stage of the boss fight will begin on Sunday, November 12 at 11:00 EST (16:00 UTC / GMT).
    • The second stage of the boss fight will begin on Sunday, November 12 at 14:00 EST (19:00 UTC / GMT).
    • The third stage of the boss fight will begin on Sunday, November 12 at 17:00 EST (22:00 UTC / GMT).

    Rules of engagement:

    - Each stage will account for 1/3 of the boss life (150,000,000).
    - You don't need to participate in all stages in order to collect your rewards.
    - Each stage will resume the leaderboard resulted from the previous stage.
    - You will be able to collect your reward after all stages have finished.
    - Rewards will be gained depending on every player's Percentile Score. The Percentile Score is the percentage of scores lower than your own.
    - The minimum damage required is 45,000. This score will grant you 10 reward items.
    - The higher your Percentile Score, the higher the number of reward items you will get. The highest Percentile Score will be rewarded 43 items.
    - The top 20 scores will be rewarded additional rewards as follows:

    • 1st place - 20 additional Armageddon items
    • 2nd place - 15 additional Armageddon items
    • 3rd place - 10 additional Armageddon items
    • 4-10th place - 5 additional Armageddon items
    • 11-20th place - 5 additional items

    - Up to 12 additional items are awarded, depending on the amount of time left at the end of the battle.
    - Damage inflicted to this boss will grant you double the pay in cash when compared to the last high-level bosses.
    - There is no limit to how many players can engage in the event.
    - The scoreboard will auto-refresh every 5 minutes.

    We hope that you will enjoy this event!

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    The North Korean Government couldn't sponsor the cake stall at my local school fete.....BUT LET'S DO THIS !!!!!!

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