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    In memory of Joel A.K.A. CONAN

    To all WarZone players and Devs:

    It saddens me to post this because I have never done this before, but Joel Vanwijnsberghe AKA conan has passed away.... May 8th .. even thou we all had our differences with him, he was a serious player and contributed many ideas to help this game be better and in many of the war game we all played in.. being a ex-RAS member he still made the game interesting.. our prayers to his family... god bless you Joel you will be missed..


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    to warzone devs, i would like if you all would please contribute a soldier in his memorry for all to always remember him buy when in battle he can always lead our forces and defend, if possible it would mean alot to all of us.. he was from belgiun.. i think a Belgiun soldier would be very nice in his memory.. thank you for reading this.. !~RAS~! ELITE SRT

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    yes a very good idea. he played alot of f/b games and spent alot of real money. some liked him, some did not, but he did contribute to us all palying in one way or another. RIP my friend.

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    Very Very sad news ,my thoughts and prays go out to his family .I new Joel from the early days of the World at War game and he was always a real character in every FB game he played and will be missed greatly

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    A very sad day indeed. He will be missed.

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    Sad news indeed, I will be the first to admit:
    Joel and I did have our differences, I did respect him as a player. That much will not diminish.
    Condolonces to his family and friends at this sad time.
    A word to the devs, would it be possible to remove the Conan profile.
    It seems unfair that people will be able to attack a player of his calibre and not be able to defend himself, I mean in respect of the new players who never knew him. Older players I would hope refrain from attacking his profile.

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    Rest In Peace buddy
    You will be missed

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    Hello everyone,
    We are saddened to hear about this. Joel was indeed one of Warzone's most active and knowledgeable fighters. While it is true that he and other players had their differences, there is no denying about the impact Joel had on Warzone, a fact exemplified by his continuous in-game and forum activity. We wish to send our kindest thoughts to his family and friends.

    Regarding a way of honoring his memory, we are considering introducing a token unit or something similar and we will have something to announce about this soon.

    Thank you and, once again, we wish all the best to his family and friends.
    Have a suggestion, problem or just want to get in touch? Contact us at " support [at] warzonefb.com "
    For bug reporting, please provide a detailed description of the problem and, if possible/applicable, a screen-shot.

    Need to contact me directly? Send me a private message.

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    thank you Alex for getting back to us... it would be great to have something in his memory..

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